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About Us

Welcome to Balaji Cattle Suppliers & Dairy Farms

We are in this field for the past 40 Years. We help you to Buy or sell cattle’s. We are located in the centre of the state, Uppidamangalam, Karur (DT), TN. Our village is known for the cattle market on Saturdays and Sundays, you can buy it on week days as well. We are in this business for a long haul.

Also we are supplying cattle’s on a bulk as well as for home use. We have clients across India, majorly Kerala, Andhra, Karnataka & Maharashtra. We guide you with exposed knowledge in this business. Mostly we deal with Jersey cross Cows, Holstein Friesian, country breed cows (Dairy Breeds & Drought Breeds) and Buffalo’s (Murrah, Surti, Bhadawari, Nili Ravi, Mehsana, Nagpuri)

Also we arrange cattle feed such as beer waste, beer pottu, spent malt, bear malt (which consists of wheat, maize, Barley and other cereal). We handle the transport arrangements for the cattle that were bought, with proper loading and documents for the travel.

Few points for the beginners:

Below are the steps to know about housing for Cow & Buffalo

Importance in designing housing for your dairy animals.

  1. You should think about:
    • Comfort
    • Safety
    • Economy
    • Convenience
  2. Be careful while planning for the location and basic design of your cattle shed.
  3. Make sure you understand what each improvement is for and how much it will cost you.
  4. Make your animals comfortable so that they produce more milk.
  5. Protect your animals from rain, strong winds, heat & from extreme cold.
  6. Make sure there is good ventilation.
  7. Use cheap and easily available material for construction. Example: bamboo and coconut, coconut frond mats etc. Always choose strong materials so tha your repair and maintenance costs are low.
  8. Your animals should feed easily from racks and troughs and not trample on the feed
  9. Clean the shed twice a day
  10. Make sure you gave enough space for animal to lie down and get up.
  11. You can make use of the dung for compost manure or pass them through a bio-gas digester.